9 People You’ll Meet at a Casino in Cleveland

Hand of a person gambling at a casino in Cleveland

When you go to a casino in Cleveland, you stumble upon countless forms of entertainment. One form happens to be a timeless and sometimes tactless American favorite: people watching. But, as human beings, sometimes we can’t help but take a look around. In the words of musician Jack Johnson, “I’m just people watching, other people

Rocksino’s Football Updates: Checking in Before the New Year

Side of football with laces

Here in Cleveland and Akron, we take our sports seriously (and have even been recognized for it!). Half of the 2018-2019 NFL season has passed and we’re already rounding the corner into the playoffs, so it’s time to catch all our sports fans up on what they may have missed. This season has kept fans

Do You Remember: Legendary Past Concerts in Cleveland

People in the crowd at a Cleveland concert, cheering on the band

Cleveland rocks. As the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and birthplace of legendary industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails, that fact remains undeniable. There’s just no two drumsticks about it. Icons like Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen broke through to stardom under the stage lights during their concerts in Cleveland. Luckily, more

Why the Indians are Baseball’s Most Exciting – And Interesting – Team (Infographic)

Cleveland Indians baseball history

The Cleveland Indians are arguably baseball’s most exciting and interesting team. Before you go assuming that we were swallowed up by our own bias, hear us out. Even before the first professional baseball teams were established, Cleveland was a baseball town. Back in 1857, Cleveland baseball games would take over the city’s many public squares

Holiday Party Ideas: How to Host a Holiday Dinner Party

How to Host a Holiday Dinner Party Header with guests in the background

The holidays are full of fun events like concerts, gift exchanges, parties, and dinners. Most people look forward to these events and have high expectations for the turnout, which can make hosting a bit daunting, especially if you’re hosting a holiday dinner party. The food, the atmosphere, the music, the guestlist… there are so many

Cleveland Christmas & Holiday Shows to See this Season

Cleveland Christmas & Holiday Shows Header

Have you sipped spiked eggnog lately? How many twinkling lights have crossed your path? ‘Tis the season for holiday shows and festivities. And what better place to catch them than Northeast Ohio? From viewing The Nutcracker and the city’s many light shows, to rocking out at Rocksino Northfield Park and walking through gingerbread gardens, you’re

How to Spend 48 Hours in Cleveland

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Welcome to Cleveland! A world-class experience without a world-class attitude. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a historical city with humble roots. Cleveland began as a working man’s town but has made major headway in developing into the urban oasis that it’s become. The “City That Rocks” has a culture centered around

5 Charitable Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

Giving thanks this holiday season

It’s the season of giving, and Hard Rock Rocksino wants to share the holiday spirit with everyone around! November in Cleveland is not just the month for turkey eating, family time, and the pilgrims, but it’s also a month to take the time to really think about ways to give back this holiday season. Whether

Where to Stay in Cleveland According to Locals

Hotel room door, best places to stay in cleveland

When you’re on vacation, enjoying your temporary living quarters is half the fun. If you’re wondering where to stay in Cleveland, good news! There are tons of amazing hotels in downtown Akron and Cleveland. So whether you’re visiting from out of town or enjoying a little staycation, be sure to do some research and take

Concerts in Cleveland to Look Forward to this Winter

Concerts in Cleveland with guitar in background

Winter in Cleveland is full of things to do like participate in winter sports, attend holiday events, and much more. However, winter concerts in Cleveland are some of the most exciting events this season brings. Whether you’re a local or planning a visit to the “City that Rocks”, make sure to check out a few