Bike to the Blooms in Cleveland

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Spring has sprung, which means wildflowers are finally in bloom and Cleveland is a wildflower enthusiast’s paradise. From the area surrounding Cleveland’s Emerald Necklace, to the beautiful backcountry roads on the way to Goll Woods and Eagle Creek Nature Preserve, there are countless places to stop and enjoy the sprawling wildflower fields in the greater Cleveland area. After a rare April snow in Northeast Ohio, many locals are clinging to the hope that April showers (and snowfall), will indeed bring May flowers.

While the temperature forecast isn’t looking much warmer, Cleveland’s spring flowers may come sooner than you think. There are a variety of great locations where you can spend an afternoon appreciating nature’s beauty in bloom. The best part? These local spots make for amazing motorcycle rides, as well. After all, half the the fun is the journey! These favorite destinations will surely delight anyone hoping to go on a motorcycle ride to see the budding blossoms of Cleveland this spring.

Best Flower Fields in the Greater Cleveland Area

Cleveland Metroparks

4101 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44144

Spring beauties blooming in Cleveland Metroparksattribute:

The Metropark is an admission-free site to see the spring flowers in Cleveland. Luckily for you, it’ll take you all spring (and then some) to explore the 22,000 acres that are managed by Cleveland Metroparks. The Metropark offers a Tour of Wildflowers program each spring, with prizes if you find and identify a required amount of flower species. Highlights of the Metroparks include:

-Bedford Reservation – Hemlock Creek Loop Trail offers an breathtaking display of Virginia bluebells. The Bedford Reservation is a top stop for viewing several different kinds of local wildflowers like adder’s tongue, wild geranium, buttercups, and violets.

-Brecksville Reservation – The Wildflower Loop Trail showcases spring wildflowers from March through June. Head to Brecksville Reservation to set your eyes on marsh marigolds, trout lily, and great white trillium.

-Hinckley Reservation – The area between Johnson’s Picnic Area and Ledge Lake Loop Trail features beautiful hillsides of wild geranium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, and rue anemone.

-Mill Stream Run Reservation – The Butterfly Trail is good if you’re hoping to see trillium, cresses, and trout lily. The Royalview Picnic Area and Bridle Trail just north of the Chalet offer a stunning display of Virginia bluebells.

-Rocky River Reservation – The Hauser Wildflower Garden is a beautiful and well-maintained spring wildflower garden and Willow Bend offers violets, trout lily, bloodroot and false rue anemone.

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

750 E. 88th St.
Cleveland, OH 44108

Poinsettias and flowers fill the Rockefeller Park Greenhouseattribute:

The Rockefeller Park Greenhouse was originally utilized for the sole purpose of growing plants for Cleveland’s city parks and gardens. Over the years, the Greenhouse has evolved into a destination for people to see Cleveland’s spring flowers in bloom. Inside the Greenhouse (which has free admission!) you’ll find specialty plant collections, seasonal floral displays, and theme gardens. The biggest draw may be outside, where you can wander the walking gardens. If you have extra time, stroll along the trails through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, with displays on both sides of Martin Luther King Drive.

Cleveland Botanical Garden

11030 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Greenery at The Glasshouse at Cleveland Botanical Gardenattribute:

This must see flower destination, Cleveland Botanical Garden, is known for their greenhouse and outdoor gardens. The admission fee of $12 for adults and $8 for children is worth every penny. The Glasshouse features two micro climates, where the garden replicates flower and plant species from Madagascar and Costa Rica. The Glasshouse contains 350 species of exotic plants as well as 50 different types of butterflies, birds, reptiles and amphibians. April 1 brings around the Spring Blooms exhibit, and is the ideal time to enjoy the 11 distinct outside gardens, including the United States’ first Children’s Garden and Woodland Garden. Experience an assortment of wildflowers as well as trees, creeks, butterflies and birds.

Gardenview Horticultural Park

16711 Pearl Road
Strongsville, OH 44136

Greenery of the Gardenview Horticultural Park.attribute:

This 16-acre plot of land in the heart of Strongsville was originally purchased as swampy farmland by Henry Ross in 1949. Open on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm, you can enjoy six acres of English Cottage Gardens. There’s also a 10-acre arboretum with 2,000+ flowering trees. Since its dedication as a public park in 1961, Gardenview Horticultural Park has been widely recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring gardens. Admission is for adults is $5 and $3 for children.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

714 N. Portage Path
Akron, OH 44303

Spring flowers in Bloom at the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardensattribute:

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is named the #1 Historic Home Tour in America by the readers of USA Today, this stunning estate is surrounded by 70 acres of perfectly manicured lawn. Built in 1912 for the founder of Goodyear Tire, F.A. Seiberling, the estate features a historic 65-room Tudor Revival Manor House, Gothic Revival Conservatory, and Gate Lodge (birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous). Take a stroll along the outside of the house, you’ll be awestruck by the 550-foot-long Birch Tree Allée, a naturally arched stone path, and birch trees. If you head over to The Dell you’ll be captivated by wildflowers in the spring and summer. Admission is $19 for adults and $8 for kids – and be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time!

Spring is the perfect time for an afternoon motorcycle ride through the backroads of Cleveland. Let the breeze hit your face and soak in all of the beauty this blossoming season has to offer!

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