5 Spectacular Vegetarian Dining Options in Cleveland

Woman eating a salad, representing vegetarian dining options in Cleveland.

Cleveland has always been a hot spot for great meals, drinks, and conversation. But for years, restaurants rarely catered to both meat eaters and their vegetarian counterparts. Times have changed. Cleveland restaurants have stretched their boundaries–and their menus–to avoid excluding those with certain culinary aversions and allergies. As a result, people are expanding their horizons as restaurants offer more plant-based options.

On your next night out in Cleveland or Akron, try out any one of these local, vegetarian-friendly dining destinations. And don’t be afraid to invite a few meat lovers. Whether or not you are keen on the greens, you’re bound to find plenty to get hungry about in this culinary hit-list of gastronomic portions.  Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Cleveland:


Barrio offers four convenient options: Tremont, Downtown, Lakewood, and Willoughby. The popular taco spot also parades its tacos across Northeast Ohio via food truck. Barrio offers up build-your-own-taco plates, weekend brunch, and a whole host of spirits. Within an atmosphere as uniquely designed as their tacos, Barrio also provides vegans and vegetarians with plant-based options. The Vegan Stoner and El Vegano tacos are musts for patrons of both meat and veggie persuasions.

What Rocks: El Vegano. Armed with a fresh blend of guac, pan-seared portobellos, roasted poblanos, and caramelized onions, this vegan delight is great for day and night, vegetarian or animal eater.


A favorite among Cavs and Browns players, TownHall offers a menu that verges far and wide beyond the standard spreads. So grab a seat and dig into quinoa salads, veggie tacos, tabbouleh, crepes, bean chili, and sweet potato hotcakes. Despite the prevalence of chicken, beef, and prosciutto, you will find plenty of “V” marks beside items in the restaurant’s lineup. This food hall earned high marks as Cleveland’s first GMO-free restaurant. Fresh fruits press their way into TownHall’s juices, while fresh and seasonal greens grace their most popular plates.

What Rocks: Mondays at TownHall. Tis the day when you can find a host of Vegan fare, including falafel wraps, tofu wings, avocado tacos, and wild mushroom chimichangas.

TownHall offers the best vegetarian options including a vegan cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Attriubte: Town Hall Ohio City

Frank’s Falafel House

Who doesn’t love falafel? Frank’s Falafel House dishes out casual Middle Eastern cuisine with a worldy flare. The vegetarian platter delivers a wealth of flavors and features lentil rice, grape leaves and, of course, falafel. Vegetarian diners can indulge in countless alternatives, including a veggie stir fry and an impeccably-prepped chicken shawarma. No dish is complete without Frank’s hummus and tabouli–arguably the best in town.

What Rocks: Weekly specials. Frank’s offers weekly specials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be on the lookout for veggie burritos and fattoush salads, two vegetarian options best enjoyed with crispy balls of fresh falafel.

A falafel plate with falafel arranged in a circle. Attribute: FB-Frank’s Falafel House

Johnny Mango

In search of inspired fare that blends the best of Mexican, Caribbean, and Asian cuisines? Think Johnny Mango, a vegan-friendly rarity of a restaurant that serves veggie burritos, Khmer style vegan fried rice. Mango attracts hippies and squares alike – all those with an aversion to meat and an affinity for the zesty plant-based foods that were out of reach just a few years ago. This hip and casual cafe is tucked away in the famed and adored Ohio City.

What Rocks: Taco Tuesday. Johnny Mango’s serves up irresistible veggie tacos every Tuesday for just 2$. And their meatless menu features 13 dishes. Try the fried tofu plates and country-style miso soup.

Stack of waffles with berries from Johnny Mango. Attribute: Johnny Mango

Hard Rock Cafe

While Hard Rock Cafe is known for their killer burgers and BBQ menu, we also have some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes in the area. Our Classic Nachos are loaded up with cheese, beans, pico de gallo, jalapenos, and green onions and our many salads include the classic Caesar, Cobb Salad (without chicken for the vegetarian diners), a Greek Salad, and a Southern Salad (without the fried chicken). But our crown jewels for vegetarian dining are our new Cauliflower Chicken Wings, our Veggie Leggie Burger, and our Cauliflower Burger. All of these entrees are made with the same hand-crafted care as our meat options and are unique to the Cleveland area.

What Rocks: Our Veggie Leggie vegetarian burger is topped with a grilled portabello mushroom cap, garden fresh zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, lettuce, tomato, grilled sweet onions, and mayo. Who said that eating your veggies was hard?

Cauliflower wings available at the Hard Rock Cafe

Maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle is made easy in the city of Cleveland. From casual dining options to locally renowned eateries, this place makes vegetarian eating not only easy, but enjoyable.

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