9 People You’ll Meet at a Casino in Cleveland

Hand of a person gambling at a casino in Cleveland

When you go to a casino in Cleveland, you stumble upon countless forms of entertainment. One form happens to be a timeless and sometimes tactless American favorite: people watching. But, as human beings, sometimes we can’t help but take a look around. In the words of musician Jack Johnson, “I’m just people watching, other people watching me.” In other words, we’re all in this game together, whether we know it or not.

From the table games to the casino buffet, there are at least 10 different types of people you’ll find at every gaming destination:

1. The Elder Slotsman

You know the guy (or gal). They sit at the slot, pulling for a short eternity. With wide eyes, a half-empty drink, and a cup of coined dreams, they play through the night. Bathroom breaks? Who needs them! They could be walking away from thousands of dollars. Don’t believe us? Check out our past winner’s list. It goes on. And on. And on. These folks know every machine in the house. They have countless memories of winning nights, where upon one mighty press of a button, they were a true champion.

2. The Wanderer

There’s one in every family … and casino. But everyone loves them, nonetheless. These floor walkers amble about, from game to game, caught in many moments of indecision. But who can blame them? Hard Rock Rocksino has over 2,200 video lottery terminals. How do you choose one? Sometimes you just have to roll the dice. But until then, they walk on.

3. The High-Stakes Player

You know them well. For them, if nothing is on the line, nothing is to gain. They bet big to win big. When the stakes are high, their spirits are too. At the Rocksino, you can find them at the High Limit Room, trying their hand at the 70 best VLT games in Ohio, where jackpots top $250,000.

Roulette table at the casino

4. The Lucky Charm

Who is this guy and why is he breathing on my neck? Regardless of the hot mouth air, you don’t want him to go. After all, he’s the charm you need to hit it big, again. He is your biggest fan–arguably bigger than your mother. But why is he here? You don’t ask because he is your hovering, dangling human charm of good fortune. With him at your side and in your ear, losing seems a possibility as distant as death.

5. The Jackpot Winner

You hear the siren sounds, buzzers, and beeps. And their joyous screams. How can you be so happy for this stranger? Before happiness turns to envy, their eyes catch yours, and you temporarily feel the joy, or revisit a time when you, too, were the jackpot winner of the night. At casinos in Cleveland, these people are aplenty. So swing on down, pray to your lucky stars, and hope for your grand, money-making moment.

6. The Down-and-Outer

Pouty and drooping, the down-and-outer forgets that attitude is everything. Some nights, luck jumps the fence and doesn’t want to come near you. That’s okay; you’ll live to play another day! Just don’t get down and out about it. Gaming has its ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Put on a happy face and catch some good musical entertainment. Or, just people watch for the nine other types of people living and playing around you.

Man playing in casino for the first time

7. The First-Timer

They ask you how to play, only to turn back to the machine and table … and win instantly. How does this happen? It’s first-timer’s luck. Do they walk away while on top? Never! They play until reality sets in. And, amped up on their newfound sense of loss, you find your touch and win. This time, you celebrate like you did when you first tasted glory. Thankful for your trip down memory lane, you might very well be gracious enough to give them a few free plays.

8. The Bond Wannabe

They glide up to every game dressed in their best formal attire. They speak in three word sentences, introducing themselves to everyone (last name first) who mistakenly looks them in the eye. Their worldly charm and neighborly mystery throws everyone off, including the other players. If they win, they boast. If they lose, they leave awkwardly, as shaken as their cocktail.

9. The Musical Chair Player

Where’s the lucky game? By the hair of wolves, they will find it! You know the type. They try out every seat in the house. If they lose, they move. Or, if something just doesn’t feel right about a machine, they bounce over to the next seat. They’ll do everything short of sitting on your lap to find that winning VLT machine.

Find Them All at the Rocksino In Northfield!

Hard Rock Rocksino welcomes any and all characters, young and old. From seasoned VLT players to first-time Jackpot winners, you’ll find them all here. Boasting great food, dining, and entertainment, the Rocksino is your place to play in Northeast Ohio. The 200,000 square-foot facility is home to some of America’s favorite games, including Fort Knox and Dragon Link. Plan your visit today and start practicing that high-stakes victory dance.

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