Best Views in Cleveland

View of downtown Cleveland

Cleveland is packed with stunning views as well as vantage points that allow visitors to enjoy them. From city skylines to historic architecture to natural landscapes, these not-to-be-missed views are part of what makes Cleveland so unique. See below for a list of the twelve best views in Cleveland.

1) Edgewater Park

Photo of the Cleveland sign at Edgewater Park

From the shore of Edgewater Park, the iconic Cleveland sign is backdropped by the colorful city skyline and serene Lake Erie. Spanning over 147 acres, the park is the perfect place for outdoor family activities in the summertime including biking, boating, paddle boarding, fishing, picnicking, and swimming. Seasonal programs and events like the Great Lake Erie Boat Float help to maintain a sense of community in the park. All of this plus the amazing panoramic view makes Edgewater Park a favorite among visitors.

2) George V. Voinovich Bicentennial Park

A view of Cleveland from Voinovich Park

On the north end of the East Ninth Street Pier sits George V. Voinovich Bicentennial Park. Terraced green space, a concrete stage, and designated fishing areas decorate the park and a variety of festivals and events occur seasonally. Picturesque views of the beloved Cleveland skyline accompany the artistic aesthetic of the park.

3) Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica

A View of Cleveland from Nautica Stage

Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica provides a unique combination of stunning city views and live entertainment. Presenting some of the biggest names in music and comedy (as well as other events), this venue has become a must-see destination for both tourists and locals. Performances that are already captivating are enhanced by a beautiful Cleveland backdrop.

4) Center Street Bridge

Center Street bridge in Cleveland

Among the oldest of Cleveland bridges, Center Street Bridge acts as a recognizable landmark for the city. Driving through the bridge is the best way to see the architecture up close. The iconic red swing bridge can be admired from surrounding buildings and parks and makes for a perfect photo backdrop.

5) Garfield Monument in Lakeview Cemetery

The Garfield Monument in Cleveland

The Garfield Monument in Lakeview Cemetery offers views of both the intricacies of the monument itself as well as the Cleveland skyline and surrounding areas. The monument is open to the public from April to November and visitors are free to venture to the balcony, where the stunning city views can be taken in.

6) Detroit-Superior Bridge

Detroit Superior Bridge

Linking Detroit Avenue and Superior Avenue on Cleveland’s east side, this bridge was the first fixed high-level bridge in Cleveland and offers a gorgeous view of Cleveland’s downtown area. Views can be enjoyed by walking along the sidewalks on the bridge itself or by exploring surrounding lake-front areas.

7) Terminal Tower Observation Deck

A view of downtown Cleveland from the Terminal Tower Observation Deck

On the 42nd floor of the Terminal Tower sits the observation deck which presents expansive views of Cleveland. The deck can only be accessed during weekends in warmer months with the purchase of a ticket, however, the panoramic city views are well worth the small charge. This is a romantic place to visit while on a date (or even for a proposal).

8) Lakefront Nature Preserve Outlook

A view of a lake in Cleveland

The beauty of the 88-acre Lakefront Nature Preserve is amazing by itself – but the added overlook that provides a view of the Cleveland skyline enhances the visitor experience. Due to the nature-surrounded location, this view offers a more tranquil way to see the skyline and is perfect for families and loved ones who enjoy the quieter side of the city.

9) Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse 

A lighthouse in Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse was constructed in 1911 and still alerts oncoming ships with light flashes every five seconds. Although the lighthouse is closed to the public, it can be viewed from nearby locations including Wendy Park. The lighthouse provides a peaceful backdrop for any photo, proposal, or activity.

10) Beaver Marsh Boardwalk

A marsh bridge in Cleveland, Ohio

Beaver Marsh is part of Cuyahoga Valley National Park and is known as an ideal spot for watching birds and other wildlife including snapping turtles, frogs, raccoon, deer, and beaver (as the name suggests). The best views can be taken at dusk and dawn when the water is reflecting the colors of the sun. This is an ideal location for enjoying scenic views while exploring with loved ones.

11) Nickel Plate Beach

A beach in Ohio

Nickel Plate Beach has another great lighthouse view. The tranquil scene of the water gently splashing onto the sand makes this a perfect place for sunbathing, swimming, and playing with the family while taking in idyllic views.

12) Cuyahoga Valley National Park

A view of a river in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park spans over 50 square miles and includes countless opportunities for gorgeous views. The park is famous for its vibrant Fall foliage. Viewpoints are sprinkled throughout the park to ensure visitors are enjoying the scenery to its fullest potential.

The variety of Cleveland’s scenery and attractions makes this city an immediate favorite among all who visit. From its natural beauty to its rich history to its modern developments, Cleveland has proven time and time again that it offers the best of all worlds.

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