Celebrating Military Appreciation Month

Military man standing in front of the American flag for Military Appreciation month.

National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) spans all 31 days of May and was designated back in 1999 to create a sense of unity around the numerous Military-based holidays throughout May. Loyalty Day (May 1st), Victory in Europe Day (May 8th), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (the Friday right before Mother’s Day), Armed Forces Day (the 3rd Saturday in May) and, of course, Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) make this a special time for all – especially those in uniform.

Create a School Event

Elderly veterans represent an underserved segment of the military population. To combat this, create a veterans appreciation event at a local elementary, middle or high school that connects students with our nation’s treasured veterans. You can ask veterans to bring in their medals or other military memorabilia and speak about what it means to wear the uniform.

Military uniform with painted American flag in the background.

Assemble Care Packages

Here’s a shocking statistic: in 2017, there were more than 1.3 million US troops stationed around the world, many of them longing for the comforts of home. To celebrate National Military Appreciation Month, you can work with a national company like Operation Gratitude to make sending care packages as simple as possible, then work with your family, friends, or coworkers to create these packages. Non-perishable snacks, magazines, movies, games and more will help deployed individuals feel just a bit closer to home.

Take a Veteran on Vacation

Pack up the veterans and active duty members in your life and head to Hard Rock Hotel Rocksino! This month, both veterans and active duty military members can take advantage of numerous military special offers, such as a free car wash, 50% off Club Velvet tickets for comedian Mike Gardner, 15% off at the Hard Rock Café and Concerto Italian Kitchen, and 15% off at the Rock Shop. Stay at one of our partner hotels for a convenient option.

Miliary soldier holding hands with his wife.

Help out a Military Spouse

Often considered the “unsung heroes” in active duty military households, military spouses take on double-duty when their partner is deployed. Work with your local military installation or recruiting office to find names and numbers of spouses who could use a little help. Reach out via letter, email or social media – then offer to mow the lawn, bring groceries home from the store, cook a meal, or even babysit the kids if you know the family. A little bit of help goes a long way toward making these brave spouses feel less alone.

Create an Honor Box

If a close friend or family member of yours served in the military or is currently in uniform, consider recognizing his or her achievements by creating medal display boxes, flag cases, photo frames, certificate holders, or other customizable displays. Many military members simply tuck these important pieces of recognition into drawers or up in the attic, but you can help them feel proud of their service and honor their sacrifice by delivering a custom display case during the month of May, military appreciation month.

 Closeup of military person with medals.

Support a Disabled Veteran

Veterans from all branches of the military should feel supported by the country they fought so hard to protect, and there are numerous ways we can each help. Are you a whiz at doing taxes? Offer to complete a disabled veteran’s taxes. Is it hard for your veteran neighbor to get to the store? Let him or her know that a couple of times a week you’d be happy to bring groceries home. Is the lawn looking a little rough and your friend or family member isn’t able to pay a landscaper? Grab the mower every few weeks and help out. A little goes a long way.

The month of May is the ideal time to reflect on the sacrifices our veterans and active duty military members continue to make. From carrying groceries home to planning a trip to the Rocksino, our men and women in uniform deserve the ultimate support from their grateful nation.

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