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Concerto Featured on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland

Fox8’s “New Day Cleveland” morning show host, Natalie Herbick, recently stopped by Hard Rock Rocksino to talk with President Mark Birtha and Executive Chef Chris Poplin about the opening of our newest dining experience, “Concerto Italian Kitchen.” Mr. Birtha explains the conception

Global Brand, Local Support

Winter isn’t giving up , but you can still win this season by having a fantastic time away from the weather. Introducing your ticket to indoor freedom- the Bernie Burger! This burger is a great way to honor a community

Kickin’ It at the Cafe

We think a lot of things rock at the Rocksino, and food is definitely one of them. Where else can you get international food choices, an unbelievably tasty skirt steak (Ahem, Kosar’s) and all the luxuries of visiting a world-famous

Birth of the Rocksino

BOOM – A Rocksino is born! It may have seemed like a long incubating period but we finished in less than a year (thanks construction pros!). Whether it seemed like the Rocksino was built overnight or dragged on because you were so excited -we’re