Most Unusual Things to Do in Cleveland

Cleveland is known for countless historic sights, sports-centric activities, and amazing dining options. But there are most likely some hidden or unusual gems you may not be privy to, such as the Frozen Lighthouse or the World’s Largest Rubber Stamp. Whether you are planning your next trip or looking for something new to do on the weekend, consider visiting these unique Cleveland locations as some of the top odd things to do in the area.

Visiting Cleveland’s Frozen Lighthouse

We can’t really consider Cleveland an arctic climate, but there is an ice sculpture sitting near the waters of Lake Erie. The Cleveland Lighthouse was built in 1911 and nearly a century later, it was discovered that the continuous spray of the Great Lake-waters led to the structure freezing over and becoming encased in ice. The natural phenomenon has attracted visitors from across the state who may also notice that the lighthouse has now slowly begun to tilt as well.

Shopping at the West Side Market

The local farmer’s market may not sound that unusual, but it’s what you can get there that makes it out of the ordinary for most. It’d be hard to find a bigger offering of kielbasa than what you’ll have available at West Side Market. The historic site has been around since the 1840s and is packed stall-to-stall with culinary vendors selling their foods and spices. Kielbasa is a big deal to Clevelanders, which is why the highlight on the linked meat is so popular. While on site, also stop by Chef Mychal Symon’s favorite jerky spot, Czuchraj Meats, which he referenced on Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

Jump Around on Giant Trampolines

Trampoline parks are becoming more popular across the country, and Cleveland’s Sky Zone offers a way for kids and adults alike to get in some exercise, while experiencing one of the greatest joys of childhood: jumping on a trampoline. The indoor venue is wall-to-wall with trampolines for your jumping pleasure, and is considered one of the more unusual things to do in Cleveland while on vacation. See how high you can fly or how many times you can flip with the power of the bounce. You can also sign up for a game of Ultimate Dodgeball or an exercise class that focuses on working out the legs and core while bouncing up and down.

Photo Op with the World’s Largest Rubber Stamp

The enormous “free” stamp, intended to be a symbol of the Civil War, was ultimately gifted to the city of Cleveland from Standard Oil of Ohio. It sits near the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at Lakeside Avenue ready for visitors to get in their photos. For those fascinated by the world of extra-large and extraordinary, it’s worth it to stop by and see for yourself.

Marvel at the World’s Largest Outdoor Chandelier

Stamps don’t hold much sparkle, but chandeliers do, especially when they are a grand 20 feet tall. The chandelier installation, found at the intersection of East 14th Street and Euclid Avenue in the Theatre District, is one of the newest “attractions” to Cleveland, only having been displayed since 2014. But with 4,200 individual crystals glittering to the street crowds below, it’s hard not to want to look up in awe.

Watch an Absolute Intense Wrestling Match

If you’re up for in-your-face entertainment, then schedule a time to attend an intense wrestling match. Events are held at least once a month and you will find everyone from Cleveland locals to legends like Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Be sure to stop by a show and possibly meet big personalities like Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. What makes these matches more intense than most? Guess you’ll have to see for yourself how it compares, and understand why this is one of the top odd things to do in Cleveland.

There are countless things to do in Cleveland, why not start off with one of these unusual locations? Add some unconventional and memorable destinations to your bucket list and keep people guessing what you’re up to based on the destinations you visit.

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