What It’s Like to Be a Cleveland Local

What it's Like to be a Cleveland Local

Cleveland is a fun place to travel for a Midwest vacation, but what’s it like to actually live in the city that rocks? If you’ve never visited Cleveland, then you may be unaware of all the city has to offer. Even if you’ve been a local for some time, there may still be things you never knew about your own city. The reasons are seemingly endless, but here are seven ways that give you some insight as to what it means to truly live like a Cleveland local and enjoy the benefits of being part of this great city.

#1: Better-Than-Average Commutes

According to the 2015 U.S. Census ACS 5 Year Estimate, life as a commuter in Cleveland means an average commute of only 23.6 minutes. With the highest rate of public transit users, it is no wonder the number is so low as it is. Plus, more people who live and work downtown are able to walk to work, avoiding street traffic altogether. Either way, the less time commuting means more time doing the things that matter to you most. This advantage in getting from point A to point B can help decrease stress and give people back the one thing they always need more of: time!

#2: Affordable Homes with More Ample Space

Another benefit of being a Cleveland local is the affordable housing. Cleveland was once one of the wealthiest cities in America, so it is no surprise the city is home to exceptionally large mansions and well-kept homes that are being restored and renovated at rates that are still well below the country’s average. These days, buying a home seems like a distant dream that is growing increasingly out of reach. However, in the Cleveland area, the median home price is only $150,000, astonishingly low when compared to Seattle ($361,000), Los Angeles ($370,000) and New York City ($440,000). Buyers can get more bang for their square-footage buck when it comes to the real estate market and living in Cleveland.

#3: Local, Craft Beer on Tap

If the short commute and affordable homes did not grab your attention, maybe the Cleveland local brew will. If you’re a native Clevelander, then you’re no stranger to the craft beers at places like Great Lakes Brewing Co., Market Garden Brewery, and Goldhorn Brewery, and more as referenced on BeerAdvocate.com. However, the array of beers does not stop there. You can make the beer come to you by renting Micro Woodie, a beer truck perfect for your next party or event.

#4: Snow-Centric Activities

If you are or intend to be a Cleveland local, you better have a great winter coat on hand. It is no secret that snow days are distributed by the handful. With an average of five feet of snow falling per year, the city has urban snowmobiling, cross-country ski, and the most snowball fights in the country. Come winter, it’s not uncommon to see the city transform into an outdoor gym and playground with everyone properly bundled up, of course.

#5: Iconic Movie Magic

While the snow may seem like a drag after a few weeks of a harsh winter, if it weren’t for all the snow Cleveland receives then the holiday classic movie, A Christmas Story, probably would have been filmed elsewhere. The house still remains intact to this day. Although it has had updates over the years, the house still appears the same as the day the movie was filmed and you are able to tour the house.

#6: Football Fanatics Unite

Aside from Florida and Texas, college football games in Ohio are among the craziest and most competitive with many Cleveland locals making their way the two hours south to Columbus to watch the Buckeyes play. Regardless if you are an avid fan for a particular team or don’t know a single thing about the sport, watching a Buckeyes or Browns game is guaranteed to be a good time, whether you’re watching at the stadium, at your favorite Cleveland bar, or in the comfort of your own home.

#7: Rock and Roll Is a Way of Life

The term “rock and roll” was actually coined by a Cleveland local. A trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a must see for any music lover and if you’re lucky, you can be part of the induction ceremony and celebration, which is already slated for April 14, 2018 at Cleveland’s Public Hall. Expect music-themed activities, free admission, and see which of your music favorites make the list.

Whether you were born and raised in Cleveland or are considering making the move, it holds endless opportunities for new and exciting adventures. This list only starts the conversation of what it means to be a Cleveland local. With all its diverse neighborhoods, historical features, and local pride, any time spent here will show you just what makes this city so special and why living in Cleveland is a popular way of life.

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